Stop Democratic Party Bigotry against Hindu Americans


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‚ÄčDemocrats have been consistently anti-Hindu and have a long history of bigotry.

Democrats have been consistently anti-Hindu. City councils controlled by them have been attacking Hindus and even opposed asylum provided by India to Hindus who fled the Taliban.  Now the Democrats in Teaneck have passed an anti- Hindu resolution calling Hindu American groups as extremist hate groups.

In California, Democrats attacked Hinduism in sixth grade textbooks and when Hindus went to court, judges appointed by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton denied justice to Hindu children. One judge who was part of this act was Clinton judge Charles Breyer who is the brother of retired Supreme Court judge Stephen Breyer. This is consistent with the bigotry of another Clinton judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg who hired only one black law clerk out of nearly 160 in her entire career.

Democrats have also been trying to outlaw Hindu holy symbols by trying to pass laws declaring Hindu holy symbols as symbols of hatred. They did this in New York, Maryland and California.

Even though it is widely known that caste system is a social construct present amongst various peoples including Muslims, Christians and Sikhs and is not a religious characteristic at all, Democrats have maliciously attempted to claim that it is a Hindu system in order to denigrate Hinduism.

Democratic Party bigotry is not just against Hindus but it also has a history of racism against Black people. Their leaders have labeled black children superpredators, claimed that former President Barack Obama was the first clean and articulate Black, supported racial segregation, opposed civil rights laws, and have started wars against various countries. Now they have started targeting Hindus and Indian-Americans and their actions have inspired several hate based attacks on people of Indian descent.

Hindu American community in the US is a small minority community (about 1% population) and when a powerful entity like Democratic Party shows such deep bigotry it can cause immense harm and danger to the well being of the community.    This campaign is not against any entity, but screaming for attention to the  concerns and anxiety the community is experiencing particularly in the light of several attacks on the members of the community across the nation in recent days.

Please stop the bigotry! Stop the hatred!


1) Hateful anti-Hindu content in textbooks and California curriculum (see for details of content)

a) Seventeen Democrat legislators in California demand keeping anti-Hindu content in sixth grade Curriculum

2) Hateful legislation by Democrats against Hindu holy symbol

a) Democrats in NY Senate pass bill attacking Hindu holy symbol and asking that it be taught to students as a hate symbol despite opposition from Hindus

b) NJ Democrats introduce bill attacking Hindu holy symbol despite opposition from Hindus

c) Maryland Democrats introduce bill to punish those who use the Hindu holy symbol of Swastika by imprisoning them for three year

d) California Democrats pass hateful law declaring Swastika a hate symbol after refusing to replace the word 'Swastika' by the correct term 'Hakenkreuz'

3) Democrats oppose asylum for Hindus fleeing Taliban and other Islamic terrorists

a) Seven Democrat ruled cities pass resolutions against Hindu refugees fleeing Taliban terror not being granted asylum

4) Oppose Hindu candidates using false allgations to encourage Hinduphobia and Hindumisia 

a) Democrats defamed a Hindu woman of color from India as being aligned with "white supremacists." and voted unanimously 22-18, killing Suparna's nomination to the VA Board of Education based on character assassination. See here or here


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