The Stop Democrats Bigotry group calls for denouncing and retraction of the anti-Hindu resolution passed by the Teaneck Democratic Municipal committee on Sept 12, 2022. The bigoted resolution categorizes several Hindu American groups, as extremist hate groups, and calls all Hindu Americans that are members of these groups potential terrorists on US soil that need to be investigated.

Close in the wake of anti-Hindu attacks in the last few days such as Fremont CA,  South Richmond Hills, NY, and Plano Texas, this resolution acts as a dog-whistle for more Hindu haters and violent groups to attack peaceful and positively contributing Hindus. This is a a defamatory resolution demonizing the entire Hindu American community.

Few lawmakers have condemned it but that is not sufficient to keep Hindu community safe.  Withdrawal of the anti-hindu resolution would be just a first step.

Stop the bigotry! Stop the hatred!


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